About me

I’m a freelance hair & makeup artist with more than 20 years of experience. My love for painting faces has never waned to this day.

After studying makeup at The Makeup Issue and doing a SCAR hair course, I worked at MAC V & A for a few years as well as on movie sets. I was represented by a makeup agency too and enjoyed some high-profile clients and jobs during my time with them. My years at MAC really helped me gain much-needed confidence and experience to work on all different faces. I got used to using a variety of colours & makeup (since the entire MAC store was at our disposal when we did makeup applications!) and so I never got stuck in the ‘rut’ of using the same makeup on every client. Different eye colours and shapes get enhanced with different colours and techniques, and to this day, I love experimenting with new makeup and fresh ideas. I never stop learning and am always googling new makeup trends

I currently work for myself so that I can manage my own time, and I am happily married to a very long-suffering husband who seems to enjoy all my quirks! (maybe not always but most of the time!)

Where am I located?

I am based in the beautiful Overberg region, Betty’s Bay to be exact. I am more than happy to travel to beautiful locations to paint faces, but if you feel like some time out, then come have your makeup & hair trial done at my peaceful home overlooking the mountains with a warm cup of tea or coffee or a cold glass of wine or champagne

A little more about me.…..I am a cat lover, a bit of a hooligan I guess, and a total perfectionist. When I am not working you will find me busy with volunteer work, exercising, or annoying my two cats Mowgli and Minnie Mouse. I also love cold water swimming in one of our beautiful beaches here in the Overberg